Types of Disability Policies

At Blackburn Lawyers, we can appreciate that clients may not understand all the terms of their insurance policies regarding disability. We provide clients throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario, with clarity about their policies, including:

Individual Disability Policies

Individual Disability policies are generally purchased privately by individuals seeking protection in the event of an unforeseen disability. While most private insurance policies have different payouts – many of them pay a monthly benefit.

Group Insurance – Short Term Disability (STD)

Short term disability (STD) insurance is insurance that will cover a short disability (anywhere from four months to one year). STD benefits are generally paid out by your employer however, the insurance company may oversee the claim and advise your employer on whether the benefits should be paid out.

Group Insurance – Long Term Disability (LTD)

Individuals who are eligible for long term disability are paid out a monthly benefit to help cover expenses such as bills and medication. This type of insurance is intended to provide protection in the event of a disability or inability to work thus allowing for income replacement benefits.

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