Advocating For Your Rights In Employment Law Disputes

Wrongful dismissal. Human rights law. Employment agreements. These are some of the many issues on which we advise and represent our clients, both employers and employees. At Blackburn Lawyers, we have the knowledge and skills to effectively advocate on your behalf. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our litigators are skilled trial lawyers who do not shy away from the court room, when required. We offer legal services regarding:

Over 35 Years Of Litigation Experience Devoted To Advocating For Your Rights

If you are in need of experienced employment law lawyers – then we can help. Most of our clients are able to resolve matters without resorting to litigation. With each party represented by counsel (normally) and with proper analysis of the common law and statutory factors governing notice and severance pay, we will represent your interests to ensure a fair and equitable severance package. If you have been offered a severance package, you should not sign any kind of Release without first obtaining independent legal advice from a qualified and experienced employment lawyer.

Negotiating Favourable Settlements For You

Often, we are able to negotiate for a better severance package through negotiation/mediation. Occasionally, negotiation is unsuccessful, and the matter must then proceed through the courts. Either way, negotiation or litigation, we have the skills and experience to effectively represent your interests and secure an appropriate result.

Without legal representation, you are at a significant disadvantage. We have the years of experience and knowledge to effectively and vigorously represent your interests. We will navigate the system for you. We are not afraid to go to court, as we are first and foremost trial lawyers.

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