Stand Up For Your Rights After A Workplace Harassment Incident

Workplace harassment is prohibited by law. If not handled properly by the employer, harassment may result in a constructive dismissal claim by the employee.

The employment law lawyers at Blackburn Lawyers help both employers and employees understand workplace harassment claims, and negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to both parties. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we also provide solid legal representation for clients at trial, if necessary.

Guiding You Through The Process Of Making A Workplace Harassment Claim

Specifically, an employee will maintain that he or she cannot reasonably be expected to remain employed and is entitled to proper termination pay. Other damages can also flow from a successful workplace harassment complaint.

In the case of workplace harassment, it is important to ensure that you have communicated the fact of the workplace harassment to the person who is harassing you (if reasonably possible) and to your human resources department or upper management.

Once the employer is aware of the problem, the employer is required to investigate and take appropriate remedial action. If the employer does not intervene appropriately, then it may be liable for the harassment.

Developing An Effective Legal Position For Your Situation

If the workplace harassment is not properly addressed and falls under one of the enumerated classes under the Human Rights Code (race, religion, sex, etc.), then you may need to commence a claim before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. If you have are considering making a claim for workplace harassment or quitting your employment, you should not do so without first obtaining independent legal advice.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our legal team is qualified to advise you in this area of law to help determine whether or not there may be grounds for a constructive dismissal or a human rights complaint, as a result of workplace harassment.

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