Compensation For Wrongful Dismissal Cases

If you are dismissed without reason, you should receive adequate notice or a sufficient amount of compensation in lieu of notice. We also recommend you consult with one of our Richmond Hill wrongful dismissal lawyers immediately before you sign anything.

In many cases, the compensation amounts offered in packages follow legislative guidelines. These amounts may meet minimum requirements for your length of service but fall short of what you could actually be owed.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our employment legal team will fight for you to receive compensation amounts above legislative guidelines. We offer legal strategies and support for dismissed employees in Richmond Hill, Ontario and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Contact our Richmond Hill wrongful dismissal lawyers today for a consultation regarding your case.

Identifying The Right Legal Solution For You

Some clients aim to resolve their disputes outside of court. In these cases, we offer legal advice on how to best position your matter with your employer using alternative dispute resolution processes. Other clients rely on our skilled legal representation in court to pursue the compensation amounts that matter to them.

Whatever your goals may be, we will provide you with a personalized legal strategy that targets the outcomes you wish to see.

Building Relationships With Our Clients

With decades of litigation experience, we have learned that the most effective legal solutions are born out of strong, personal connections with our clients. We understand that dismissal is a difficult time for you. You wonder about the impact on your reputation, future job prospects and providing for dependants.

We want you to feel comfortable talking to us about your situation. Having an open, candid discussion about your concerns allows us to identify your core goals, and then develop effective legal strategies to pursue them.

Talk To Our Richmond Hill Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers. Tell Us About Your Situation

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