Chiropractic Injuries And Your Right To Compensation

Therapy, rehabilitation and maintaining general health may all benefit from the services of a chiropractor. However, if administered incorrectly, the practice may do more harm than good on patients.

At Blackburn Lawyers, we provide legal support and guidance for you to hold those responsible for any injuries caused by chiropractic error. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we advocate for sufficient compensation for losses stemming from these injuries, including medical expenses, inability to work, and reduced quality of life.

Holding Those Responsible Accountable For Their Actions

You may be worrying about going back to work, losing your income, providing care for elderly or young dependants and medical fees for treatment. The legal team of Blackburn Lawyers can reduce your worries so you can focus on recovery.

We have several years of extensive litigation experience, which means we can quickly gather the necessary information and testimony required to support your position for your claim.

We work with different experts to arrive at a sufficient amount of compensation for your losses, and then negotiate a reasonable settlement with chiropractic insurance agencies. Our senior litigation partner, Ron P. Bohm, has published numerous papers on litigation and advocacy for injury victims. He was elected as President by his peers to the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

Over 35 Years Of Litigation Experience Focused On Personalized Results

No two injuries are alike. Which is why we get to know every single one of our clients who walk into our office.

Knowing your unique needs, what your life was like before, and the impact of the chiropractic error in your future allows us to customize a legal situation that targets compensation amounts that matter to you.

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