Protect Your Legal Rights If You Have Been Affected By A Surgical Error

When you need surgery, you are putting your trust in someone to keep you safe while you go under a knife. When mistakes happen, that surgical team breaks that trust, and you are left to suffer the consequences.

Don’t suffer those consequences alone. At Blackburn Lawyers, our medical malpractice legal team has decades of litigation experience advocating for victims of medical malpractice throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Types of Surgical Errors That Can Affect You

The error could have been missed by any number of medical professionals – the surgeon, nurses, technical staff and anesthesiologists – during your procedure.

Cases vary from damage to surrounding nerves, muscles and tissue, to infections, reactions to anesthesia or failure to remove surgical instruments. Long-term effects can include brain damage, infections or the inability to use a limb over time.

No two medical malpractice cases are alike. Which means no two solutions should be alike. It’s important to remember that once an issue has been identified as a result of a surgical error, you can fight for compensation for that mistake.

Developing A Legal Strategy Based On Your Specific Situation

Our senior litigation partner, Ron P. Bohm, is currently the President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and has published numerous papers about advocacy for victims at trial.

Under his guidance, our medical malpractice lawyers develop a legal strategy tailored to your needs, and what’s important to you.

Start Fighting For Your Right To Compensation

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