Effective Compensation Relief For Orthopedic Injuries

Many clients face long-term chronic pain and impairment as a result of an orthopedic injury.

Often, the compensation amounts offered by insurance companies do not meet the needs of victims, or their families, to move forward after the injury.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our personal injury team is committed to making sure clients throughout Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area receive the legal assistance necessary to pursue proper financial support.

How We Determine The Compensation Amount That Makes Sense For You

We pride ourselves on not treating our clients as files, but as individual people with names, families, jobs, and hobbies that are all affected by the injury. We provide a safe, comfortable environment for you to speak openly about your situation.

We will discuss what frustrates you, what you’ve lost, how you feel, and how your life has changed as a result of the chronic pain or broken limbs. We then translate this dialogue into legal strategies that focus on your needs, and the financial support required to meet them.

You Are Not Alone In Your Fight

Whether it was a slip and fall, being struck by a motor vehicle, or a full-on car collision, many clients don’t understand how to explain their losses to an insurance company.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our personal injury team leverages over 50 years of combined legal experience evaluating different situations and circumstances to arrive at a justifiable compensation amount for our clients.

We are dedicated to gathering all the information on your case, transforming it into a solid legal argument for compensation, and taking the fight to trial on your behalf, if necessary.

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