Fighting For Pedestrians Who Have Been Injured In An Accident

Sharing roadways and crosswalks with cars and other motor vehicles puts pedestrians at risk from careless drivers. The injuries suffered in a collision can range from minor bruises to catastrophic injuries and long-term damage.

Whether your injuries result in sprains and fractures, or brain injuries, or spinal cord damage, the personal injury lawyersat Blackburn Lawyers know how to fight for effective compensation.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our legal team provides a personalized legal strategy aimed at getting you compensation amounts above the minimums set out in your insurance policy.

Designing A Legal Strategy Around Your Specific Situation

Many insurance companies offer compensation amounts that meet the bare minimums set out in their policies. For many victims of a pedestrian accident, that is not enough to cover their medical treatment, long-term care and other losses as a result of the accident.

In order to pursue effective compensation we consult specific valuation experts to determine costs for other, intangible damages such as the inability to work or provide for loved ones, as well as a reduced quality of life.

Identifying The Results That Matter To Our Clients

We pride ourselves on thoroughly getting to know our clients as their matter moves through the legal process. Clients deal with our legal team directly. We are always available to address any questions or concerns, and promptly return calls and emails if we are away or in court.

Our clients value this approach to our services as well and refer our firm to their friends and family. They know they’ll receive the same dedication, support and commitment we show all of our clients.

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