Strong, Solid Legal Strategies For Product Liability Claims

Consumers should be confident that when they use a product as intended, the result shouldn’t be a major injury. But whether it’s a cream that produces rashes or a hot cup that burns your skin, not every product meets the required standard of care.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our personal injury team develop legal solutions for individuals who have been hurt by defective or faulty products. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our team will help you develop your legal position and pursue the compensation amounts tailored to your situation.

Leverage Our Experience To Pursue Effective Compensation

We understand the technical nature of product liability cases — such as engineering, design and manufacturing details — and can easily identify the accountable parties.

We work with different technical experts to help our clients build their case and present the nature of the defect or flaw, from mechanical failures to hazardous materials.

After suffering a product-related injury, you may not know what your options are, or how to start a claim. We can help. We provide clients legal advice on how to evaluate the extent of their losses, and then pursue adequate compensation.

Creating Personalized Solutions Out Of Personalized Relationships

Our clients are not nameless files. They are parents, children, friends and loved ones who have suffered an injury, through no fault of their own. Our goal is to help you find the financial resources to recover and move forward.

We pride ourselves on knowing each of our clients beyond just the facts of their case. Creating a personal connection with our clients allows us a better understanding of your needs, and how to position them within your claim.

Call Our Office. Ask Us How We Can Help.

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