Financial Relief For Psychological Injury Claims

Psychological injuries often result from an accident, regardless if there was any physical injury suffered or not. Ranging from anxiety and fear to depression and suicidal thoughts, psychological injuries often relate to how the injury occurred, and are assessed differently than physical injuries.

The lawyers of Blackburn Lawyers have over 50 combined years of injury litigation experience to develop your claim for effective injury compensation due to mental trauma. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our team offers comprehensive legal support and assistance to our community, as well as the Greater Toronto Area.

How We Support Your Legal Position

Consider the use of social media. Insurance companies will try and obtain information from these platforms to convey a different assessment of your injuries. Since there are no physical attributes to these injuries, it can be difficult to accurately assess how stress, fear and other psychological issues can build and accumulate over time.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers enlist different medical professionals and experts to illustrate the extent of your injuries. We will also track your treatment in order to show the pace of your recovery, and the efforts being made to get you well.

The Struggles Of Pursuing Financial Support

One of the biggest challenges in the fight for compensation is claiming you can no longer work or cannot find another means of financial support. Insurance companies will look for other alternatives to prove that you are still able to seek employment.

Our role is to make sure you have exhausted those efforts, so we will assess how different financial assistance programs apply to your case. We will highlight the difficulties you face as you try to improve your situation as best you can.

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