5 Things To Do Following A Slip and Fall Accident in Ontario

In Ontario – slip and fall accidents can occur during any season. Most people think that slip and fall accidents only occur in the wintertime – but that’s not always the case. Slip and fall accidents can occur for a variety of reasons including but not limited to uneven floors, cracks in the surface, unsafe premises, improper signage, slippery surfaces and more. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their patrons are subjected to safe premises – and in some cases (whether intentional or not) property owners may have showed a lapse in judgement in ensuring the premises were safe for patrons.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a slip and fall accident here is what we recommend you do.

  1. Seek medical attention: If you have been injured make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Whether that means dialing 911 or going to a hospital, clinic or your doctor’s office – we urge you to seek and receive the urgent medical care you need. Most slip and fall injuries include concussions, sprains, broken bones, torn ligaments and other forms of soft and hard tissue injuries so the sooner you seek medical attention – the better.
  1. Take photos of the area: If possible and when it’s safe to do so – we recommend you take photos of where the accident happened – especially of the area where the fall happened and if you noticed any abnormalities in the surface where you fell. If there were witnesses, we recommend you take down their information as well. Pay close attention to whether there was any form of signage indicating any dangers to the area such as a wet floor sign.
  1. Notify the property owner of the accident: In most cases there are time constraints to notify a property owner that an accident or injury occurred on their property. Make sure you have sent a written notice in writing to the property owner advising them of the date of your accident and where it happened.
  1. Obtain copies of your medial reports: If you have been treated by medical professionals for your injuries, we recommend you keep a copy of all your medical reports. Your slip and fall lawyer will need these reports when filing your potential claim. If you’re unable to obtain copies of them, your slip and fall lawyer will still be able to obtain copies after you have signed a Ministry of Health consent form to obtain medical records on your behalf. In some cases, your injuries may be aggravating pre-existing injuries so your lawyer may need to access medical reports from even before the time of your accident to help build your case.
  1. Contact a slip and fall lawyer: If your slip and fall accident happened in Ontario – contact our Richmond Hill slip and fall lawyers for a free consultation. A lawyer will review your case details and advise you on whether you have enough to build a case or not. The best part is – this initial consultation is free.

At Blackburn Lawyers – our slip and fall lawyers have assisted many slip and fall accident victims obtain compensation for their injuries in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact our law firm today for a free call with a Richmond Hill slip and fall lawyer to see if you may be eligible for compensation.

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that this blog is intended to act as a general overview on a legal topic and does not constitute legal advice. Each legal issue is unique and in order to get qualified legal advice we recommend you consult with a Richmond Hill and fall lawyer on this topic. For more information on what to do following a car accident in Ontario (if you have been injured) – contact our law firm and speak with an injury lawyer for free for your first consultation. Please note that lawyer-client relationships are only established after you have signed a retainer agreement with our firm.