COVID 19: Employment Law Questions in Ontario

At Blackburn Lawyers – our Richmond Hill based law firm has been advising businesses, employers and employees with employment law matters across Ontario for many years. More recently – there have been tremendous challenges and uncertainties for both employers and employees in navigating the legal landscape with respect to COVID-19 employment law matters.

Our Richmond Hill employment lawyers can advise on a wide variety of employment law matters as they pertain to COVID-19. Here are some of the types of employment law questions we can provide legal advice on while we as a society deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19. This list is not exhaustive – and if there are questions you don’t see on here please contact our office and book a consultation to speak with one of our employment lawyers:

  • What are employee rights if they cannot work due to COVID-19 as a result of either contracting the virus or being in a high-risk category to contract the virus?
  • Can an employer layoff or fire staff if they contract the virus without legal repercussions?
  • What is the legal protocol if an employee has been tested or has contracted COVID-19 and have exposed themselves to other staff?
  • What is a business supposed to do if one of their employees have tested for COVID-19 and what are my legal obligations as an employer in this situation?
  • What options are available to employers if they want to layoff or furlough staff?
  • What are employee and employer rights with respect to temporary or permanent layoffs?
  • Are employers required to pay severance during COVID-19?
  • Are employees still covered under benefits plans during temporary layoffs?
  • What are employers supposed to do once their business has been ordered to close temporarily by the government?
  • Are employers required to pay their employees if they need to take time off to recover from COVID-19? What are my options as an employer or employee?
  • What types of businesses are required to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for their staff?
  • What are the legal protocols (especially with regards to security and proprietary information) for allowing employees to work remotely?
  • How can an employment lawyer assist with business continuity plans as they pertain to employment law matters?
  • What if a business or organization needs to replace sick employees due to COVID-19?
  • What does an employer do if they are faced with an employee who refuses to quarantine or follow self-isolation procedures and still comes into work?
  • Can employees be disciplined for not coming into work if they are considered an essential service worker?
  • How does the Employment Standards Amendment Act (Infectious Disease Emergencies) 2020 impact businesses, employers and employees?
  • And more

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that this blog is intended to act as a general overview on a legal topic and does not constitute legal advice. Each legal issue is unique and in order to get qualified legal advice we recommend you consult with one our employment lawyers. Please note that lawyer-client relationships are only established after you have signed a retainer agreement with our firm.