Can I Still File For Divorce During COVID-19 in Ontario?

When the pandemic lockdown was lifted in Wuhan – China saw a rapid rise in divorce filings after couples had spent months cooped up together. At Blackburn Lawyers – our Richmond Hill divorce lawyers have also seen a surge in divorce requests in Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of couples feeling the strain of spending additional time together.

Depending on how complex your divorce request is (i.e. whether spousal support, child support or court orders are required) – there may be substantial delays in getting your divorce order finalized and getting your divorce certificate issued.

For simple divorces (a court application which only requests a divorce without any monetary relief such as child support, spousal support, etc) – the process generally takes anywhere from 3-4 months. However, given the backlog of requests since the shut down in Ontario – it may take longer to process your divorce request right now. Electronic filings of joint or uncontested divorces are still possible in Ontario through the Superior Court of Justice. However, additional steps that need to be taken after the divorce application is filed online may be delayed until further notice.

In one of our previous blog posts titled Emergency Orders in Ontario during COVID-19 we discussed how Chief Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz advised that while all Superior Court of Justice proceedings were suspended indefinitely except for emergency orders related to public health and safety matters, civil and commercial list matters as well as family and child protection matters in Ontario.

Any urgent matters requesting relief relating to the safety of children, parent or legal guardian (such as restraining orders, restrictive orders on contact, exclusive possession of a home, etc) are still being heard by the court. Other items being heard by the court as they relate to family law matters include any urgent issues pertaining to the well being of a child, financial situation of parties and child protection matters. These are all items that a divorce lawyer can assist you with. For more unique legal advice as it pertains to your specific situation – contact our law firm today to book a consultation with our family lawyers.

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that this blog is intended to act as a general overview on a legal topic and does not constitute legal advice. Each legal issue is independent and unique and in order to get qualified legal advice we recommend you consult with a Richmond Hill family lawyer/divorce lawyer on this topic. Please note that lawyer-client relationships are only established after you have signed a retainer agreement with our firm.