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What is Intestate Succession in Ontario?

What is intestate succession in Ontario?  Intestate succession is the process by which your estate is distributed if you die without leaving a will. In Ontario, intestate succession is governed by the Succession Law Reform Act, which sets out the rules by which an intestate’s estate is distributed in various situations. Our Richmond Hill Wills and Estates Lawyer can provide you with further information regarding what is intestate succession in Ontario as it applies to your situation. Who Inherits in [...]

Why You Should Speak To A Lawyer Before Signing Your Severance Package in Ontario

Why you should speak to a lawyer before signing your severance package in Ontario Severance pay is mandated by Ontario’s Employment Standards Act. It is designed to compensate a long-term employee who loses their job. “Severance pay” as described in the Employment Standards Act is different than “termination pay,” which is paid to an employee in lieu of the statutorily required notice period. The notice period is designed to provide an employee with fair warning that their employment is coming [...]

An Overview Of Cohabitation Agreements In Ontario

An Overview of Cohabitation Agreements in Ontario A cohabitation agreement is a written agreement between two people in a common law relationship to protect their respective rights within the context of their relationship.  It is important to note that couples who are married can sign a similar agreement, but it is called a marriage agreement. Similarly, if you sign a cohabitation agreement and then get married, your cohabitation agreement automatically becomes your marriage agreement. Our Richmond Hill Family and Divorce [...]

Psychological Injuries In Personal Injury Claims

Psychological Injuries in Personal Injury Claims With the ongoing campaign by the healthcare community regarding the importance of mental health, it is no surprise that psychological injuries have been recognized by Ontario courts as an important aspect of personal injury claims. In the context of a personal injury claim, a psychological injury could be any type of mental disorder or suffering caused by someone else’s negligence. Our Richmond Hill personal injury lawyers are available to address your questions about psychological [...]

The Difference Between Separation And Divorce In Ontario

The difference between separation and divorce in Ontario Anyone who is married or in a common law relationship and who wants to end that relationship, can separate from their spouse.  Not everyone who separates, however, needs to obtain a divorce.  A divorce is a court order that legally dissolves a marriage.  You only need a divorce if you are legally married and want to marry someone else. Our Richmond Hill family law lawyers can help you sort through the difference [...]

Common Wintertime Slip and Fall Injuries

Anyone who has lived through a winter in Richmond Hill or the GTA knows just how easy it is to slip and fall on improperly cleared ice or snow that has been allowed to accumulate. While many accident victims may be able to walk away from the scene of their fall without incident, depending on certain factors, wintertime slip and fall accidents can result in severe, life-altering injuries.

5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents can happen to anyone. In Richmond Hill and the surrounding GTA, countless people are injured in traumatic accidents each year. When accidents occur, their effects can be all-consuming, impacting every aspect of an injured person’s life. And while hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim may seem daunting, working with someone with legal experience can make the entire process much simpler and much more beneficial.

Estate Planning Tips For Blended Families

Estate planning tips for blended families Managing a blended family is complicated enough during your lifetime.  After you pass away, things can get even more complicated.  An effective estate plan can protect your family from financial hardship and the stresses of estate litigation after you are gone. Our Richmond Hill wills and estates lawyers can answer all of your questions about estate planning tips for blended families. The importance of an estate plan for blended families A common estate plan [...]

Things To Consider When You Rent Your Property On Airbnb In Ontario

Things to consider when you rent your property on Airbnb in Ontario We’ve all heard stories of someone who has earned a significant amount of money by renting out their house, apartment or cottage on Airbnb. But before you jump to listing your property on Airbnb or another short-term rental platform, you should know what you’re getting into. Our Richmond Hill real estate lawyers can ensure you understand the most important things to consider when you rent your property on [...]

Things To Consider When Designating Beneficiaries For Your Estate Plan 

Things to consider when designating beneficiaries for your estate plan One of the key considerations to estate planning is designating who will be a beneficiary. Not only do you need to decide who will be a beneficiary under your will, you also need to take into account life insurance policies, pensions and registered investments that permit you to assign a designated beneficiary. Our Richmond Hill wills and estate lawyers will ensure that you understand the most important things to consider [...]

When Is An Ontario Landlord Allowed To Legally Evict A Tenant?

When Is An Ontario Landlord Allowed To Legally Evict A Tenant?  In most circumstances, the Residential Tenancy Act applies to the residential landlord-tenant relationship.  This law requires a landlord to obtain an eviction order from the Landlord and Tenant Board in order to legally evict a tenant. A tenant does not have to move out at the end of a lease.  If a lease ends and the tenant does not sign a new one, the lease renews automatically on either [...]

How To Apply For Child Support Variance In Ontario

How To Apply For Child Support Variance In Ontario Everyone’s circumstances change with time. The amount of child support that you and your ex-spouse agreed to (or the amount that was ordered by a court) at the time of your separation will not necessarily remain appropriate for ever.  Children get older and go away to school, get new hobbies or decide to live primarily with one parent rather than moving back and forth regularly.  Parents may get a higher paying [...]

What Are Some Risks Of Adding Someone To Your Property Title?

What Are Some Risks Of Adding Someone To Your Property Title? Title is a legal term that refers to the rights to a piece of land that are owned by a person or a corporation.  In Ontario, you must register your title in the provincial land registry.  Other documents that must be registered include deeds (which transfer ownership from one person to another) and mortgage documents. When you add someone to your property title, you are giving that person an [...]

Key Differences Between The Classification Of Independent Contractors Vs Employees

Key Differences Between The Classification Of Independent Contractors Vs Employees Knowing for certain whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee is relevant to both the worker and to the employer/person contracting the worker’s services (also known as the payer). Classifying a worker incorrectly carries risks for both parties. Our Richmond Hill employment lawyers can help you minimize the risks by analyzing your situation and providing advice on the key differences between the classification of independent contractors vs [...]

Things To Consider When Buying A Franchise

Things To Consider When Buying A Franchise Buying a franchise can be an appealing method of becoming a business owner.  It allows you to be your own boss while providing certain benefits that are not available when starting a business from scratch, including: an established and proven way of running the business the use of a known brand with trademarks and patents already in place for your protection an estimate of the costs you will have to get the business [...]