Guiding You Through Constructive Dismissal Claims

Constructive dismissal refers to a situation in which an employer has altered the contract of employment in some fundamental way, without the employee’s consent. Often, there may be changes such as a change in pay, change in working conditions, or change in title, status or duties.

At Blackburn Lawyers, we can determine if any of the changes you experienced in your workplace amounts to a constructive dismissal. Our firm offers over 50 years of combined legal experience to Richmond Hill, Ontario and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Legal Support For Employees And Employers Facing Allegations Of Constructive Dismissal

As an employee, once you have assessed whether your situation is a case of constructive dismissal, you can make a decision whether or not to accept or contest the changes.

As an employer, prior to imposing any change to an employment contract, obtain our opinion as to whether or not the proposed changes, if not on consent, will amount to constructive dismissal.

If an employee is found to have been constructively dismissed, he or she is entitled to damages based on reasonable notice. Depending upon the facts, the amount of damages can be quite significant.

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