Advocacy For Employment Litigation Disputes

Employment disputes can arise in many different situations. Working under unsafe conditions, bullying from co-workers, and unfair provisions in employment contracts can all result in legal action against a business or employee.

Whether you’re a CEO or an entry-level employee, Blackburn Lawyers wants you to know that everyone deserves a fair fight for compensation.

Get Legal Advice On A Variety Of Employment Disputes

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our employment lawyers provide you with effective legal strategies for disputes involving:

Finding Out What Matters To Our Clients

Every case is different. Not every client wants to head to court, and not every client is willing to accept a settlement that’s less than fair. At Blackburn Lawyers, our legal team is dedicated to finding out what solutions to pursue and then presenting you with the most effective strategies to support your case.

Getting to know our clients is one of the key ways our firm approaches developing legal solutions. We know that employment law is a sensitive area for many people – your reputation, livelihood and integrity are sometimes at stake.

We encourage candid, honest discussions with our team. Sometimes talking through a situation allows us to identify the best legal strategies to suit your needs.

Walking You Through Every Step Of The Process

With decades of litigation experience to offer, our firm will outline the best legal strategies for your goals, and realistic, potential outcomes to your case.

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