Legal Support For Employers On Employment Termination

As an employer, you have the right to dismiss an employee with or without cause. What causes legal problems for employers is that they did not provide proper notice, or the compensation amount offered does not meet legislative guidelines.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our employment litigation lawyers advise employers on drafting and executing termination clauses in contracts. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we also represent employers defending their actions against dismissed employees.

Enforcing Contract Provisions That Protect Your Business

Businesses may want to protect their best practices, intellectual properties or sensitive business information when an employee is dismissed.

At Blackburn Lawyers, we advise business owners on drafting these contract provisions regarding:

  • Compliance with current laws
  • Infringement of individual rights or freedoms
  • Providing reasonable notice

We also advise on appropriate compensation, and how to navigate when an employee brings an action requesting higher amounts of severance.

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Determine If Mediation Or Litigation Works Best For Your Situation

Sometimes, a better outcome is achieved through negotiation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution techniques. Other times, your interests are best suited by bringing your matter to court.

Our legal team will determine the legal strategies that best target your goals, as well as assessing risks and how to avoid unfavourable outcomes.

Find Out How Blackburn Lawyers Can Assist

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