Effective Legal Representation For Human Rights Tribunals

Human Rights Tribunals deal with claims such as workplace harassment and discrimination due to age, race, religions, and other such grounds of discrimination prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Human Rights Tribunals consist of two levels: provincial and federal. At Blackburn Lawyers, our legal team will provide you with the necessary information on the workings of the tribunal and the forms used to commence an application.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we provide you with effective legal advice before filing a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunals.

Identify Whether You Have Both A Human Rights Violation And Dismissal Claim

Often, we are able to resolve employment matters that would otherwise be brought before the human rights tribunals through negotiation/mediation when an employee is faced with discrimination under the Human Rights Code.

Human Rights Tribunals do not have the jurisdiction to deal with wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal. If you have been discriminated against either before, during, or after your employment because of one of the prohibited grounds, you should consult with an employment lawyer to see whether you have a potential claim.

Legal Services For Employers Facing Human Rights Complaints

As an employer faced with a human rights complaint, we can help you navigate and resolve a dispute in this complex area of law.

Contact our experienced human rights tribunals lawyers at Blackburn Lawyers. Our highly experienced team of lawyers ensures top-notch representation.

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