Consult Blackburn Lawyers Before You Sign A Severance Package

The amount offered to a dismissed employee in a severance package typically only meets the bare minimum legislative amounts. Often, these amounts do not compensate for the position or contributions made by the employee to the business.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our employment lawyers assist dismissed employees who seek sufficient compensation after a dismissal. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our team will review your severance package and advise you on your options if your employer has not met the criteria for adequate compensation.

Personalized Strategies For Personal Situations

Every termination is different. Every company operates differently, every position has different demands, and every contract has its termination policies. This is why we offer personalized solutions to each client – no two situations are the same, so neither should the solutions.

Each employee may have a different goal in mind. Some want to resolve the issue through the courts at any cost, while others want it resolved as quickly as possible so they can move on.

Over 35 Years Of Dedication And Commitment To Our Clients

Our clients know that they are not just a file at Blackburn Lawyers. We treat our clients like people. We make sure we’re accessible and return calls and messages promptly. We are always available to answer client questions and concerns or to provide updates on the status of their matter.

Helping You Identify What You Are Rightfully Owed

Our team will identify other factors that you may not have considered when reviewing your severance package, such as:

  • Your current salary
  • Benefits and bonuses awarded
  • Company pensions
  • Investments or stocks

Know Your Options Before You Sign Any Severance Package Documents

Call our employment lawyers at (905) 884-9242 to set up a meeting and tell us about your situation. You can also contact us using our online form.