Medical Negligence Resulting In Birth Defects

It can be heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with a birth defect. In some cases, the defect may be treatable. In others, the defect may affect brain functionality or vital organs, putting a child’s survival at risk.

At Blackburn Lawyers, we want you to be focused on what matters most – your child.

We help you do this by fighting on your behalf for sufficient compensation due to medical negligence. We have over 35 years of extensive experience developing legal strategies for clients throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario.

How Medical Negligence Can Affect You

Defects can result from negligence by a medical professional administered through advice, a prescription or misdiagnosis, or during delivery. People rely on medical professionals for advice on proper care and safety when it comes to pregnancies.

This is why medical advice has to be administered very carefully. You and your child should not have to suffer for the mistake of a trusted medical practitioner.

Using Experts To Further Support Your Position

Our firm utilizes science and medical experts to breakdown the complexity of the issue and establish a relationship between the chemicals involved and the resulting defects.

Our senior litigation partner, Ron P. Bohm, currently President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, elected by his peers of personal injury, insurance and medical malpractice lawyers. His leadership guides our litigation team to develop customized legal strategies for each unique situation our clients bring to our office.

We fight to make sure medical bills and expenses, treatment and long-term care necessities are taken into compensation values. If early resolution discussions are not meeting your needs, we will transform our negotiation tactics into solid legal arguments and advocate your rights in court, if necessary.

Use Our Legal Knowledge And Experience To Build Your Case

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