Compensation For Bicycle Accident Victims

If a bicyclist collides with a vehicle going 50-60 kilometers per hour, they are at serious risk of a catastrophic injury. Other accidents, such as getting clipped by open doors or negligent drivers not checking their blind spot, can result in broken bones and limbs, or concussions.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our personal injury team will advocate for your right to adequate compensation for these injuries. We provide legal support to clients throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario as well Toronto and the GTA.

Comprehensive Information About Your Legal Rights

Bicycles are not designed with the same safety features as a car, which means cyclists generally absorb the majority of the impact in collisions. This means the victim is now faced with expensive medical bills, long-term care and therapy, and may even develop anxiety and fear to mount a bicycle again.

The compensation offered by insurance companies for these losses may meet the minimum requirements of your insurance policy. However, these amounts often fall short of what you need to recover and move forward.

Our goal is to make sure you receive sufficient financial support for your losses – either from your own insurance company, or the insurance company of the at-fault party.

Determining The Amount of Compensation You Can Claim

There are other consequences of personal injuries that clients may not be aware they can claim. In addition to medical expenses and long-term treatment, we also consult with valuation experts to determine losses related to a reduced quality of life:

  • Enjoyment of life
  • Employment
  • Personal relationships
  • Providing for family members

We also evaluate any mental trauma, such as depression or anxiety, that may have resulted from the accident.

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