Protecting Your Rights Through Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

Prior to or during cohabitation or marriage, spouses can enter into a domestic contract. This document governs their affairs while they cohabit. It can pre-determine spousal support and property issues in the event of a separation.

The family law lawyers at Blackburn Lawyers leverage over 50 years of combined legal experience to draft effective domestic agreements for clients throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Understanding The Purpose Of Marriage And Cohabitation Agreements

The law allows couples to contract out of what might otherwise be rights and obligations imposed by statute. The idea is, instead of letting a judge decide the fate of your affairs, couples are more likely to abide by a solution if they have a hand in creating it.

We can properly advise and represent your interests. We know how to draft provisions that best suit you and your partner. We’ll make sure the terms are lawful, enforceable and reasonable.

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