Solid Legal Advice For Mediation And Arbitration Proceedings

As an alternative to litigation, some clients opt for Alternative Dispute Resolution in the form of mediation and/or arbitration. These processes aim to help each party resolve their issues outside of a courtroom.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our legal team have over 50 years of combined litigation experience advocating for our clients to obtain the outcomes that work best for them. We offer this experience to clients throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario to better position their needs and goals as they meet with a neutral third-party mediator or arbitrator.

Understanding The Mediation And Arbitration Process

Mediation is conducted via a privately retained third party (mediator) whose role is to assist the parties to negotiate a resolution.

If negotiation is not successful and the parties agree, the same mediator (or a new third party) can be hired to act as arbitrator.

Essentially, the arbitrator is a private judge who has the authority to determine issues in dispute after a hearing. It is also private, whereas the Court is a public forum.

The Benefits Of Using Mediation Or Arbitration

The advantages to mediation/arbitration are that it is usually much quicker than proceeding through the courts. The efficiencies associated with mediation/arbitration may make the process, overall, less expensive than litigation.

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