Collaborative Family Law Lawyers

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What Is Collaborative Family Law?

When done properly, collaborative family law is a collaborative process which can result in significantly reduced legal fees and avoid lengthy litigation. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution where both parties work together to resolve legal issues outside the courtroom with the assistance of your individual collaborative family law lawyers. In some situations, your collaborative family lawyers may also enlist the professional assistance of additional specialists or social workers to ensure everyone’s best priorities are reached.

Family lawyers who specialize in collaborative family law are trained in methods to get opposing partners to agree on solutions that consider both partner’s best interests and needs while simultaneously taking their own legal rights into consideration. A successful collaborative family law process includes a heightened level of honesty and openness from both sides. Spouses will be required to disclose all financial documents and information requested to make informed decisions for all parties involved.

Is Collaborative Family Law Right For You?

While there are many benefits to collaborative family law – there are certain situations where it may not be in your best interest. You should consult with a Richmond Hill family lawyer to see if this type of alternative dispute resolution will work for your situation.

Collaborative family law is typically recommended if the following conditions apply:

  • You are looking for a quick and efficient resolve to your family law disputes in a civilized manner
  • You want to protect individual parties including children from lengthy litigation
  • You wish to remain on amicable terms with your spouse after your divorce is finalized
  • You and your spouse would like control of the decision-making instead of having it handled by a third party
  • You want to avoid excessive legal fees and time involved with lengthy litigation processes

It is important to note here that collaborative family law is a voluntary process and requires both parties to cooperate to the process in the form of a written agreement.

If you think you and your spouse could benefit from collaborative family law as an alternative dispute resolution method then contact our law firm today.

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