Tailored Legal Advice For Separation Agreements

We pride ourselves on guiding our clients to solutions without resorting to the courts.

With each spouse represented by counsel (normally) and with proper financial disclosure, we will represent your interests to ensure a fair and equitable settlement which is formalized in a written contract known as a Separation Agreement.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our family law lawyers draft customized separation agreements focused on your specific situation and family dynamic. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our team offers legal advice on how you and your spouse can decide on a solution that suits you both.

What You Should Know Before You Sign A Separation Agreement

The Separation Agreement details the applicable terms which will govern your relationship with your children and your former spouse going forward.

Though it is easy to obtain precedent separation agreements on the internet or at bookstores, a separation agreement is a very important document which you should not sign in the absence of independent legal advice.

Your Separation Agreement Should Suit Your Specific Situation

Only a qualified and experienced lawyer can properly advise you in this complex area of law. At Blackburn Lawyers, our lawyers offer over 50 years of combined experience negotiating the separation of assets and property for common-law and married couples.

We leverage our legal knowledge to guide our clients to realistic outcomes that protect their interests and allow them to confidently move forward after a separation or divorce.

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