Determine If You Are Obligated To Pay Or Receive Spousal Support

Dividing a life you have built with another person comes with many difficulties and challenges, including your finances. Spousal support is not an automatic right, so it’s important to understand what legal obligations exists that may require you to pay, or receive, financial assistance.

The family law lawyers of Blackburn Lawyers offer over years of experience assisting clients to move forward after the breakdown of a relationship. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our team provides comprehensive legal knowledge to support your fight on whether support eligibility exists, and the amounts to be paid.

The Legislative Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Are Only A Starting Point

Length of cohabitation, roles assumed by the spouses during the cohabitation, economic consequences of the relationship and its breakdown, these are just a few of the factors to be carefully considered.

Recently, the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (“SSAGs”) have brought some much needed assistance and consistency in determining duration and quantum of spousal support. The SSAGs are, however, quite complex and they are only a starting point. The specific facts of your case need to be carefully considered and assessed to determine your rights or obligations.

Guiding Your Through An Emotional Time

Living arrangements, income levels and lifestyle changes may all impact your financial stability. We understand how difficult these changes may be for you. This is why our legal solutions are tailored specifically for you.

We pride ourselves on our personal connections with our clients. Candid open conversations and advice allow us to determine what matters most to you, and then to develop an effective legal strategy to pursue those goals.

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