Plan Your Estate. Administer A Will. Settle Disputes Among Beneficiaries.

Having a proper Will and estate plan is incredibly important. As your life changes, your priorities and financial situation will also change and it is important to update your Will to reflect that.

At Blackburn Lawyers, our focus is creating a comprehensive will and estate plan for you. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our team of dedicated lawyers provide expertise in the areas of:

Tailoring An Estate Plan Specifically Suited To Your Family

Our Wills and Estate Lawyers are experienced at understanding the many rules, regulations and laws governing your assets. We plan your estate with the input and assistance of a number of professionals including your accountant and investment adviser when necessary.

With proper planning you can leave instructions on how to distribute all your property and assets. It is the only way to ensure that your wishes are respected and your family is properly looked after.

There are also ways to save on taxes and probate fees for those you have named in your will and to designate guardians for your minor children.

Managing Risk And Potential Litigation

Our goal is to protect our clients from any potential litigation or shortfalls in the future. We offer a safe, honest dialogue with our clients to discover what they want to do, and then develop an effective estate plan that best suits their needs. We leverage over 35 years of legal experience to create clear, direct instructions to avoid any conflicts or disputes among beneficiaries and trustees after you’ve passed. We also ensure the will and other testamentary documents conform to all the necessary legal requirements to be declared valid.

Protect Your Property And Assets Through Effective Estate Planning

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