Estate Administration After The Passing Of A Loved One

Dividing assets among beneficiaries, taking care of debts or outstanding business, and winding up the estate are just some of the duties that require careful attention. Contact our Richmond Hill estate administration lawyers today for legal assistance regarding estate administration legal matters.

The estate lawyers of Blackburn Lawyers are dedicated to helping estate trustees fulfill the requirements of their role. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we can also administer the will on behalf of the trustee, and assist in situations where there is no valid will.

Guiding Estate Trustees Through Their Responsibilities

Estate trustees may be entrusted to make some important decisions regarding the estate of a loved one.

We can appreciate that the average person may not understand what to do immediately following the passing of a loved one. Our Richmond Hill estate administration lawyers can assist estate trustees and surviving family members with:

  • Validating a will and obtaining probate
  • The legal requirements of administering an estate
  • The deadlines that need to be met
  • How to best avoid the potential for litigation in the future

Strong Relationships Equal Strong Results

We realize that it may take some time to completely administer an estate. Our firm makes it a priority to get to know and understand our clients throughout the life of their matter.

The relationships we build allows our team to deliver customized advice and guidance for estate trustees and surviving family members.

Whether it’s when to sell a parent’s house, or how to allocate certain financial resources, we leverage our personal connections to identify meaningful solutions for our clients and their families. Contact our Richmond Hill estate administration lawyers today.

Learn More About How Our Estate Lawyers Can Assist You

If you have questions about the administration on an estate, we can provide you with answers. Call our firm at (905) 884-9242 or send us an email.